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Dive Services
At EPIC, we take pride in our experience and in our commitment to safety underwater and on deck. Our people average 15 years in the industry, and many have been part of the EPIC family for 10 years or more. Several of our people have played key leadership roles in the commercial dive industry and have lent their expertise to a number of industry testing and certification initiatives. We run an extensive training program of our own in order to offer you a workforce that is thoroughly educated in the dive services you require.

Everything we do is focused on minimizing risk and getting the job done right. Our diver medics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) undergo an intensive course of training. The program addresses advanced airway and IV management, as well as diagnostic procedures for medical and diving emergencies, and with more than four decades of experience in full-service diving operations. We deliver first-class project management and consulting for your coastal and offshore projects that include comprehensive safety programs.


Dive Services
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