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 M/V EPIC Explorer
M/V EPIC Explorer
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M/V EPIC Explorer
210-foot 4-point Anchor Dive Support Vessel with Fully Integrated 1,000-foot Saturation System

 Epic Explorer

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The EPIC Explorer and its experienced crew can tackle any project that requires a 4-point anchor vessel and saturation diving capabilities—including turnkey wellhead removals, mudline tree abandonments and removals, and site clearance, as well as pipeline reroutes, spool installations, and hurricane remedial work.

This vessel features an integrated 6-person, 1,000-foot saturation system with a 9-foot moon pool, diver and system gas reclaim, and below deck gas storage, as well as built-in hydraulics, jet pumps, and air compressors, plus welding machines, burning packages, and underwater video packages. The EPIC Explorer’s 20-ton telescoping crane with retractable 80-foot boom is the largest crane on any saturation vessel of its size. This vessel carries 12 crew with 36 additional berths and offers a spacious client’s office with full view of the deck for your safety, comfort, and convenience.

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