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Safety & Task Training
Quality and safety go hand in hand. When you know how to do a task correctly, you minimize the risk of injury. EPIC provides employees with ongoing safety and task training programs to enhance their skills and keep them up to date. The courses are developed and taught by some of the industry’s foremost authorities.

All EPIC employees receive extensive safety training. In addition, employees are selected for specific task training courses based on their interests, aptitude and desire to excel.

Task training course offerings include:

  • Diver Medic/Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) (72 hours): This intensive course covers diagnostic procedures for medical and diving emergencies, advanced airway and IV management. Graduates are eligible for licensing with the National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technology.
  • Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) (96 hours): Taught by a Level III instructor, the course includes nomenclature, types and levels of examinations techniques to facilitate inspections and data recording specific to offshore oil platform inspection. Leads to certification/re-certification.
  • Underwater Photography (36 hours): Classroom, practical and in-water instruction on theory, development procedures, mechanics, formatting, etc. with an emphasis on NDE of offshore oil platforms and similar facilities.
  • Underwater Burning/Cutting (40 hours): Classroom and in-water instruction on equipment set-up and maintenance, techniques for cutting various types and thicknesses of metal.
  • Seamanship/Rigging (8 hours): Offshore personnel learn the basics of rope handling, crane usage, cargo placement and other tasks common to offshore oilfield work.
  • Personnel Certification Program: In compliance with 29 CFR Part 1910, EPIC provides training to ensure that personnel who perform special skills or critical operations have the knowledge, skill, judgment and physical ability to perform the task safely. Courses include:
    • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • Lockout/tagout
    • Hoisting/lifting devices
    • Hazard communications
    • General rigging
    • Hydrogen sulfide
    • Hearing conservation
    • Confined space
    • Bloodborne pathogens

  • Short Service Employment: To familiarize all new offshore employees with the minimum safety requirements for offshore operations, EPIC provides classroom training and assigns new employees to work with more experienced personnel. In addition, new employees are issued a different-colored hard hat for approximately 6 months to signify their level of experience.
  • Dive 5®: This program marries quality and safety and encourages all employees to be proactive in finding ways to reduce risks in an ever-changing environment.